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This Kyani video answers many FAQ's regarding Kyani. If you are trying to find out what Kyani is about and is it the right company for you, watch this entire video and you will have a great understanding as to why many leaders are joining Kyani.

Kyani is currently open in almost 60 countries around the world and have about 20 more in the works!

Here is a list of the countries in which you can join Kyani and be an independent distributor.

Kyani Aland Islands

Kyani American Samoa

Kyani Australia

Kyani Austria

Kyani Belgium

Kyani Bulgaria

Kyani Canada

Kyani China

Kyani Croatia

Kyani Cyprus

Kyani Czech Republic

Kyani Denmark

Kyani Estonia

Kyani Finland

Kyani France

Kyani French Polynesia

Kyani Germany

Kyani Greece

Kyani Guam

Kyani Honduras

Kyani Hong Kong

Kyani Hungary

Kyani India

Kyani Ireland

Kyani Italy

Kyani Japan

Kyani Korea

Kyani Latvia

Kyani Lithuania

Kyani Luxembourg

Kyani Malaysia

Kyani Malta

Kyani Marshall Islands

Kyani Mexico

Kyani Netherlands

Kyani Norway

Kyani Poland

Kyani Portugal

Kyani Puerto Rico

Kyani Romania

Kyani Serbia

Kyani Singapore

Kyani Slovakia

Kyani Slovenia

Kyani Spain

Kyani Sweden

Kyani Taiwan

Kyani Thailand

Kyani Turkey

Kyani Ukraine

Kyani United Kingdom

Kyani United States

Kyani Virgin Islands

So almost no matter where you are in the world you can become a Kyani distributor and experience the unmatched Kyani compensation plan which includes the amazing Kyani Paygate.

We have some of the top Kyani leaders on our team to support you in your business, and we would love to work with you if you desire to join Kyani.

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