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If you are reading this review you are probably wondering if the Kyani Scam Review is true.
I will tell you the truth Kyani is not a scam. [Kyani reviews] where the person tells you that it is a scam come from a person who has been in network marketing and struggled and may not want to see you take advantage of a great opportunity.
Like all good home based business opportunities Kyani offers multiple ways to earn within their compensation plan. You can earn from the direct sales of their products, either by earning the difference between wholesale and retail price or the sales you earn on your replicated site.
Overall the Kyani compensation plan looks good. The key is to learn the effective marketing techniques, you will have your own style, but the proven steps are the same. The top earners of Kyani understand how to market, network, and take the time to build a profitable business.
The key is to generate multiple streams and track the progress of your business and brand. Don’t take on negative criticism and remain positive. As you work you will see results and focus on building on the good that you already have. Kyani is not a scam but will take hard work to build as a profitable home based business.

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