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Kyani Training Exposed And Leaked | How To Recruit More Reps Into Kyani




Kyani Training Exposed And Leaked | How To Recruit More Reps In Kyani

Kyani training exposed lots of reps in the company who are struggling to build their business! This video broke down a lot of madness within the company but yet gave a lot of promise to those looking to move some of the products. I show how you could move Kyani products by the way your market is searching on Youtube for answers to their problems! Health and Wellness is big business because lots of people want to live longer look younger and have more energy to do things!

In this training I show what's the number 1 problem in Network Marketing Online today! I identify how I and countless of other marketers can tell if your struggling in Network Marketing and what you should do to change the way you go about marketing Kyani. Let's face it to succeed online I share with you the two things that you need starting off to get results inside of your business.

#1 You need the proper training on how to generate leads, follow up with the leads and close the leads. Even if they don't join you, you still can make money off them because your providing value! This is the key to online success. Much more on that later.

#2 You need the right tools to leverage your time and business so that you won't have to spend the whole day behind a computer trying to figure things out or posting to social media. Just like a mechanic needs tools to fix on a car, then you need tools to market yourself online.

Do you want to skyrocket you're Kyani business and separate yourself from the clutter of what all of the other people are doing and that's NOT winning with Kyani as you saw in this video clip? Well if so then you need to click the link and get plugged in so that you can build your Kyani business! I hate to say it but I exposed Kyani reps in this video and revealed how 97% of network marketers are failing in this industry.

Here's a tip on why you don't need to brand your company! There are people out there that make a living bashing network marketing companies, so if you google your company right now you would see bad reviews about your company. Now you & I know that the company is legit but because somebody didn't make money or the product didn't do what they wanted it to do then there goes bad reviews! So with that being said if a new person was doing research on your company because they thought about joining and saw all the bad reviews on the front page of google and then seen you on social media with the company logos and profile name it wouldn't look good for you! So that's a tip for you to think about.

So don't attach your brand to a company brand, it just don't look good plus people would avoid you if you contacted them on social media because they think you would try to recruit or sell them something and no one likes to be sold.
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